Every Second Counts....


Formerly Escape Audio....We are delighted to unveil our new brand name ESC Sounds. The ‘ESC’ in our new name is an acronym for our company mantra ‘Every Second Counts’ and we honestly can’t think of a mantra that better represents our customers. 

Having launched our original Pods to global acclaim in 2018, we are delighted to now bring you their upgraded sequals...the Series2.

Same secure fit and crystal clear sound, but now with double the playtime, bilatteral calling function and Bluetooth streaming at up to 10 x the speed.

Available exclusively on this website.

Portable Charging Case

Secure Fit

IPX4 Waterproof

Crystal Clear Music

V.5 Bluetooth Technology

ESC Sounds Athletes

It's a real honour for us that some of the world's most accomplished athletes have chosen the Series2 to power their training. Check out our team below...

ESC Sounds Partners

We're very proud that some of the most respected global organisations have chosen ESC Sounds as their Audio Partners and Suppliers. Check out our partners below...