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'Literally the only headphones that stay in my ears through sweat and high intensity workout! Love them.'

Camille Le-Blanc Bazinet (2014 Fittest on Earth)

'The ESC earphones sound incredible, fit perfectly into the ear and stay there no matter how crazy the workout.'

Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson (2019 Third Fittest on Earth)

“I’ve been totally blown away by how secure the Series 2 are. I’m yet to find a movement that I can’t do with them in, pouring sweat and all” 

Kara Saunders (2017 Second Fittest on Earth))

I've been using these wireless earbuds for about six months now, testing them with every aspect of training I do (weightlifting, metcons, running etc) and they've held up perfectly'

Cody Anderson (2018 Tenth Fittest on Earth)

The Series 2 have been a game changer for the way I listen to music while I train. They are comfortable, never fall out when I’m lifting, and have amazing sound quality!

Katherine Nye (Weightlifting World Champion)

Small But Mighty


IPX4 Waterproof


Portable Charging Case


V.5 Bluetooth Technology


Crystal Clear Music


ESC Sounds Athletes

It's a real honour for us that over sixty of the world's most accomplished athletes have chosen ESC Sounds. Check out a small selection of our team below...

Audio Supplier of USA Weightlifting

We're very proud that one of the most respected global sporting organisations has chosen ESC Sounds as their Audio Partners. Click on the USAW logo below to read more about our association with USA Weightlifting...