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ESC Sounds Endurance

ESC Sounds Endurance

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ESC Sounds Endurance

Engineered For Endurance

One device, endless possibilities. Effortlessly switch between Bluetooth and MP3 mode, transitioning your workouts from land to underwater. Totally waterproof, secure fitting and ready to power you through your next endurance challenge.

Bone Conduction Technology

Next generation bone conduction technology, transmits sound directly to your inner ear, via soft vibrations through the temporal bone. Keeping the ear canal open, and you totally aware of your surroundings. The patented structural technology also allows you to easily adjust the positioning of the transducers to cover the ear, for a more immersive sound experience.

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Fully IPX8 Waterproof

Triple-seal waterproofing and an IPX8 certification, allow the ESC Sounds Endurance to be confidently submerged in up to two meters of water, for up to two hours. Meaning you can listen to your favourite tunes while swimming, without worry.

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Lightweight, Soft And flexible

A titanium-alloy structure makes the ESC Sounds Endurance infinitely flexible, lightweight and durable. While an ultra-soft silicone cover delivers an industry leading level of all-day comfort.

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Bluetooth 5.3 Connectivity

Seamlessly transition between Bluetooth 5.3 and MP3 mode, at the touch of a button. Bluetooth 5.3 with multipoint connectivity, allows you to connect to two devices simultaneously; with a strong and stable connection of up to twenty meters, on land. While the MP3 allows you to take your music underwater, beyond the reach of Bluetooth transmission.

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8GB Of MP3 Storage

Take your tunes underwater with 8GB of in-built MP3 storage. Enough space to rapidly transfer and store a playlist of up to 3000 MP3 format songs. Simply double-press the multifunction button to interchange between MP3 and Bluetooth mode, then ditch your phone and enjoy your music, whether it be underwater or on the trail.

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Adaptive Underwater Sound

The ESC Sounds Endurance are adaptively engineered for optimum audio performance, both above and below the surface of the water. The versatile, best-in class speaker, provides a crisp and clear sound, with a rich and nuanced underwater base.

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Secure And Comfortable Fit

Two size options and an adjustable band provide extended comfort and a secure fit, with or without a swim cap, goggles and earplugs.

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10 Hour Playtime

Enjoy up to 10 hours of playtime to help you go the distance, even for your longest swims, runs, or rides. With a rapid, magnetic charging functionality that provides up to 2 hours of playtime, from a 10-minute charge.

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Sturdy Carry Case

The ESC Sounds Endurance come with a complementary, sturdy and stylish travel case, to keep your earphones safe and protected when they're not powering your training.

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Bluetooth 5.3 (Out of water)
Multi-point Connectivity
Low Latency

Internal Storage

8GB MP3 Card (Store up to 3200 songs)


Fully IPX8 Waterproof (Suitable For Swimming)


Bone conducting speaker, designed for optimal performance both underwater and on land

Phone Calls

Due to the fully waterproof mould of the product, the ESC Sounds Endurance does not contain a microphone for phonecalls

Playing Time

Up to 10 hours @ 50% volume


Bone Conducting, Open-Ear style, with adjustable transducers.

Systems Supported

All Bluetooth devices

Music Control

Multi-Function Touch Button


4 Point Magnetic to USB A 

Moneyback Guarantee

If you don't love them in 14 days, return them for a refund.