The ESC Sounds Promise

The ‘ESC’ in our new name is an acronym for our company mantra ‘Every Second Counts’ and we honestly can’t think of a mantra that better represents our customers. We watch in absolute awe on our Instagram timeline each day how you all just slay your training and boss your days as if Every Second Counts and we love the fact that our product plays some small part in this. That’s why we’re delighted to unveil our new branding and we invite you all to join us on this new journey together as we all make Every Second Count 


Our success is only possible with the support of all of you and we can only ask for that support if in return we put your needs at the heart of everything that we do. That's why we've developed the following brand values which we promise to always stand by: 


We know that you strive for excellence in your training and that's why we promise to always strive to deliver on our guarantee of absolute excellence. As part of this promise all our products come with a guarantee against manufacturers defects.


When you buy an ESC Sounds product you're not only purchasing the product, but also the guarantee of product support from our customer service team. However you contact us we promise to endeavour to always reply swiftly and do our upmost to help. 


We honestly believe that if you don't have integrity then you have nothing. That's why the integrity of our brand means everything to us. This reverberates in everything we do, including the fact that our products meet the highest possible safety standards and certification and our commitment to protecting the environment through our safe disposal programme. 

Yours Sincerely,