Every Second Counts...

Founded in early 2018, ESC Sounds was born from a desire to create the perfect pair of earbuds to power you through your training. As functional fitness athletes we tested just about every wireless earbud on the market and we couldn’t find any that would even come close to staying securely in place during our workouts.

So started the mission to design and build a pair of earbuds that will stay securely in place through the dynamic movements associated with functional training, while delivering phenomenal sound and industry leading Bluetooth connection.

Through bringing together some of the world’s best engineers, designers and manufacturing facilities we have achieved our mission and have seen our earbuds adopted not only by some of the greatest athletes on the planet, but also tens of thousands of happy customers in 74 (and rising) countries around the world.

Together, our team of staff, our athletes and our global legion of customers represent a movement of people making Every Second Count by bringing together intense training and world class audio experience.

Come and join us!